Angle Cutting Machine

  Discover versatility with our Angle Cutting Machine. An angle cutting machine is a specialized tool used in industries such as construction, plumbing, and manufacturing to cut metal pipes and tubes in angle so we can join them easily. This machine is designed to precisely and efficiently cut metal pipes and tubes in various angles and shapes through specialized molds.

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Engineered to deliver precise notches at 90 degrees with unmatched efficiency, our hydraulic-powered angle notching machine sets the standard for versatility and reliability in fabrication processes. Combining advanced hydraulic technology with robust construction, this machine ensures seamless operation across various materials, from metalworking to woodworking. With its consistent and accurate results, it's the ultimate choice for professionals seeking superior performance and craftsmanship.

Our semi-automatic hydraulic angle cutting machine is designed for precision corner cutting tasks with unparalleled efficiency. Operating at a voltage of 380, it boasts a robust 20-ton pressure capacity, making it ideal for materials below 3mm in thickness. With dimensions of 800x750x1500mm and a weight of 400kg, it offers stability and durability in operation.

Machine is equipped with two hydraulic press which have the power to penetrate the tool through pipe diameter of 120mm. This displacement of tool is also referred as stroke value of the machine with a processing speed optimized to 1-2 seconds, our angle cutting machine ensures efficient and accurate results for industrial and commercial applications alike.

The main features of an Angle cutting machine include:



Equipment function  

Corner Cutting  

Punching thickness  

Below 3mm  


Semi Automatic Hydraulic  




20 tons  





Processing Speed  

1-2 seconds  


Hydraulic Power:

This machine is powered by a hydraulic system, providing high force for cutting through metal pipes and tubes efficiently and accurately.

Precision Control

 Hydraulic system offer precise control over the cutting operation, ensuring accurate angle cutting and consistent results.

Ease of Use

This machine is designed for user-friendly simple operation with easy to control features.

Versatile Angle Cutting Options

This machine comes with different molds according to our needs different angles and size for cutting.

Durable Construction

This machine is constructed with robust materials to withstand the rigors of industrial use and provide long-term reliability.


  • Plumbing
  • Construction
  • Metal Working
  • Electrical
  • Maintenace and Repair
  • Custom Fabrication


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