Barbed Wire Machine

Discover versatility with our Barbed Wire Machine. A barbed wire machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in manufacturing facilities to produce barbed wire efficiently and consistently.  

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Introducing our Normal Double Twisted Barbed Wire Machine, is an essential industrial apparatus utilized in the manufacturing of double twisted barbed wire, a widely used fencing material known for its effectiveness in perimeter security and deterrence.

This machine efficiently processes galvanized wire into double twisted barbed wire by twisting wire strands together and attaching barbs at regular intervals. Its versatility enables the production of various wire gauges and barb spacing configurations to suit different fencing applications.

A standout special feature of the Normal Double Twisted Barbed Wire Machine is its adjustable settings for wire and barb spacing, allowing for customization of the barbed wire to meet specific customer requirements. With this machine we can handle wire diameter from 1.7-2.8mm with spacing from 3”, 4” and 5” with ease.

Safety is paramount during the operation of the machine, with integrated safety features such as emergency stop buttons to prevent accidents and ensure operator protection. Regular maintenance and inspection of the machine are essential to identify and address any potential safety hazards, ensuring continued safe operation and the protection of personnel in the workplace.

The main Parameters of a Barbed Wire machine include:


CS-A Normal Double Twisted   

  Motor POWER






Barb space  

3'' 4'' 5''   

Rated Voltage   

380V,50HZ(transformer )   

Strand Diameter  


  Wire Diameter



Wire Feeding Mechanism

 The machine is equipped with a wire feeding mechanism that supplies the raw material (usually galvanized steel wire) to the manufacturing process.

 Barb Forming Unit

This unit shapes the wire into barbs, typically using a series of dies or rollers to create the characteristic sharp points and twists of barbed wire.

 Twisting Mechanism

The machine includes a twisting mechanism that twists together the barbed wire strands with plain wire strands to form the final product.

 Wire Tensioning System

 Ensures proper tensioning of the wires during the manufacturing process to maintain uniformity and consistency in the barbed wire.

 Speed Control

This option allows operators to adjust the production speed according to specific requirements and material properties.

 Safety Features

 Incorporates safety features such as guards and emergency stop mechanisms to ensure operator safety during operation.


  • Agriculture
  • Security Fencing
  • Border Fencing
  • Construction
  • Animal Enclosure
  • Safety Barrier


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Warranty will be for One year, and we will provide the technical support for the whole life.