Flat Bar Bending Machine

Discover versatility with our Flat Bar Bending Machine, able to bend flat bar in any manner you want with our diverse mold available with us. We can make this mold according to your requirements to meet your needs best.  

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Introducing our Flat Bar Bending Machine, a versatile tool used in metalworking industries to bend flat bars or strips of metal along a single plane, typically in a two-dimensional manner. This machine is essential for creating precise and complex shapes from flat metal bars, offering flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy in various metalworking applications.

With a flat wire capacity ranging from 15mm to 50mm and a feeding speed of 55 meters per minute, our Flat Bar Bending Machine ensures efficient processing of flat metal bars. It features a maximum bending speed of 800/SEC and can handle metal thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 5mm, making it suitable for a wide range of bending requirements.

Equipped with a hydraulic system from HUADE and an electronic CNC control system from WEICHUANG, our machine offers automated operation and precise control of bending parameters. Safety features such as emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and interlock mechanisms ensure safe operation, protecting operators from injury.

The machine's versatility allows it to bend flat bars into various shapes, including curves, angles, arcs, and circles, making it suitable for applications in metal fabrication, signage and displays, automotive and aerospace industries, as well as furniture and equipment manufacturing. With dimensions of 2200mm x 1500mm x 1700mm and a weight of 1600kg, our Flat Bar Bending Machine is compact yet robust, ensuring reliability and performance in metalworking operations.

Flat wire   


Feeding flat wire speed  


Max bending speed  


Processing thickness   


  Minimum edge length


Maximum edge Length  


  Feeding wire motor


Bending motor  

  3Kw X2

  Expansion and contraction servo motor




  Hydraulic system


  Electronic CNC control system


Punching oil cylinder  


Cut off the oil cylinder  


Material of feeding wheel  


Mold material  


Main oil pump  

Vane 25 pump  






Flat Bar Capacity
The machine is designed to bend flat bars of various widths and thicknesses. The capacity of the machine will determine the maximum size of flat bars it can handle.

 Bending Mechanism

 The machine employs a bending mechanism that applies force to the flat bar, causing it to bend along a predetermined axis or plane.

Adjustable Rollers

The machine is equipped with adjustable rollers or dies that support the flat bar during the bending process. These rollers can be positioned to create bends of different radii or angles.

 Control System

This machine is incorporated with computer numerical control (CNC) systems for automated operation and precise control of bending parameters.

 Safety Features

 Safety features such as emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and interlock mechanisms are included to ensure safe operation and protect operators from injury.


2D flat bar bending machines are versatile tools capable of bending flat bars into a variety of shapes, including curves, angles, arcs, and circles. They can be used to produce components for a wide range of applications, from architectural structures and ornamental metalwork to machinery parts and industrial components.


Metal Fabrication

 2D flat bar bending machines are commonly used in metal fabrication shops to produce curved or angled components for architectural, structural, and decorative applications.

 Signage and Displays

 These machines are often employed in the signage and display industry to create custom letters, logos, and other design elements from flat metal bars.

 Automative and Aerospace

 In the automotive and aerospace industries, 2D flat bar bending machines are used to manufacture brackets, supports, frames, and other structural components from flat metal stock.

Furniture and Equipment

 Manufacturers of furniture, fixtures, and equipment use these machines to bend flat bars for frames, supports, handles, and other structural elements.


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