Pipe Bending Machine

Discover versatility with our Pipe Bending Machine, able to bend Pipe in any manner you want with our diverse mold available with us. We can make this mold according to your requirements to meet your needs best.

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Introducing our Pipe Bending Machine, used to bend Pipes in any manner you want according to your needs. Pipe bending machines are essential in industries such as automotive, aerospace, construction, and manufacturing, where accurately bent pipes and tubes are required for various applications. They offer versatility, precision, and efficiency, making them indispensable in modern production processes.

A notable special feature of this machine is its ability to perform complex bends with minimal operator intervention, thanks to advanced software and servo-driven hydraulic systems. This capability not only enhances productivity but also allows for the fabrication of highly customized components with tight tolerances, making the machine indispensable for industries requiring efficient and accurate pipe bending solutions. This machines maximum bending degree is about 190 and it can handle various sizes of pipes including,16mm, 22mm, 25mm, 33mm, 48mm round pipe easily along with one more 35x35mm square tube with special mold of this machine.

The self-diagnostic system integrated into a 2-axis hydraulic CNC automatic pipe bending machine is a critical safety feature that enhances operational efficiency and minimizes downtime. This system continuously monitors various components and parameters of the machine, including hydraulic pressure, servo motor performance, sensor readings, and software functions. By analyzing this data in real-time, the self-diagnostic system can detect abnormalities, malfunctions, or potential issues before they escalate into more significant problems. It provides immediate alerts or notifications to operators, allowing them to take proactive measures such as troubleshooting, maintenance, or adjustments to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Max bending capacity  


Max bending radius  


Min bending radius  

According to pipe diameter  

Max bending degree  


Max feeding length  


Feeding method  

Clamping/direct feeding  

Working Bending Speed  

Max 90°/s  

Working Rotary speed  

Max 160°/s  

Working Feeding speed  

Max 1200mm/s  

Bending accuracy  


Rotary accuracy  


Feeding accuracy  


Bending method

Hydraulic bending (2A)

Hydraulic motor power


Feeding servo motor power


Rotary servo motor power


Max storage unit


Max oil pressure


Machine weight


Machine size



Using industrial touch screen, with the simple operation interface in English; high precision, high degree of automation and multi-functional; each action of machine is controlled by PLC programmer control system.

  • Fully automatic and CNC pipe bending machine.
  • Equipped with servo motor programmable axis.
  • Feeding: servo motor drive; Rotation: servo motor drive.
  • Bending: hydraulic and encoder control.
  • Imported hydraulic system and PLC (standard) unit.
  • Automatic lubrication system for moving areas.
  • Self-diagnostic system, detecting the error immediately.
  • Multiple groups pipe-bending information storage.
  • Electric cabinet cooling fan and the hydraulic cooling system ensure the equipment long-time work stably under the high temperature.
  • Touch screen and human/machine interface control provide user friendly operations.


Pipe bending machines find applications across various industries where the bending of pipes and tubes is necessary to create components for specific purposes. Some common applications of pipe bending machines include:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Construction Sector
  • HVAC
  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Medical Equipment
  • Marine Industry
  • Industrial Machinery


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Quality guarantee and after-sales service

A pallet stacker with a one-year warranty provides assurance to the customer regarding the quality and reliability of the equipment

  • Our machine is easy to operate, manual operation and teaching video sent out together with the machine.
  • We guarantee machine quality for 13 months, during this period, if spare parts of the machine are not man-made damage, we can send the component to the customer by DHL, TNT or by sea freely.
  • Our factory provide the service for the customer forever, if the customer need our operation help, can contact us by Skype, Email and Telephone at any time, we provide 24 hours.